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Data Discovery and Classification with Amazon Macie

This workshop is designed to help you get familiar with Amazon Macie and learn how to scan and classify data in your S3 buckets. You will be working with Amazon Macie (data classification) and AWS Security Hub (centralized security view) to view and understand how data in your environment in stored and to understand any changes in S3 bucket policies that may negatively affect your security posture. You will learn to create a custom data identifier and how to create and scope data discovery and classification jobs in Amazon Macie. Finally you will use Amazon Macie to filter and investigate the results from the scans that you created.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration 2 hours
  • CSF Functions:Protect, Detect, Respond
  • CAF Components:Preventive, Detective, Responsive
  • Prerequisites: AWS Account, Admin IAM User, Create S3 buckets, Enable Macie, Enable Security Hub

Download the Workshop Presentation from here