Review S3 bucket inventory

The S3 bucket inventory or S3 summary panel shows you a summary of the S3 inventory in your environment. This panel provides you with a view of the total number of buckets, total number of objects and total S3 storage consumed. Also provided is a breakdown of buckets by those that are shared Publicly or not, those are that are Encrypted or not and those that are Shared inside and outside your account or organization.

  1. Return to the Macie Summary page and take a few minutes to review the panel. You can compare the panel shown below in the image with the panel in your Macie console.

Macie S3 bucket panel

You can see that you will be able to answer some of the questions asked by the fictional audit team about the status of your S3 buckets like:

  • Which buckets are public?
  • Which buckets are encrypted and using which method?
  • Which buckets are shared inside and outside of our account?