In this workshop you addressed data classification and fictional audit concerns using the architecture described in the diagram below.

Macie workshop architecture

You should now be able to do the following with Amazon Macie:

  • Enable Macie
  • Create Macie data classification jobs
  • Create a custom data identifier
  • Create a CloudWatch event triggered from a Macie finding, to fire a Lambda function
  • Understand and navigate Macie findings
  • Create a suppression rule to help tune Macie findings

You were able to easily answer these questions about the data:

  • Did any of the files contain US Social Security numbers (PII)?
  • Which files contained US SSN and which did not
  • Which files contained references to our confidential project
  • Which files contain credit card numbers?
  • Which buckets are those files stored in?
  • Are any of the files encrypted, are any unencrypted?

What other questions were you able to answer with Amazon Macie?