Run the initial cloudformation template

To initiate the scenario and create the infrastructure we need to deploy a cloudformation template.

Before you deploy the CloudFormation template feel free to view it here

Region Deploy
Us-East-1 (N. Virginia) Deploy CloudFormation Template in us-east-1
Us-West-2 (Oregon) Deploy CloudFormation Template in us-west-2
Eu-West-1 (Ireland)) Deploy CloudFormation Template in eu-west-1
Ap-Southeast-1 (Singapore) Deploy CloudFormation Template in ap-southeast-1
  1. Click on the Deploy to AWS button. This will automatically take you to the console to run the template, click Next to get the Specify Details page.

  2. On the Specify Details section enter the necessary parameters as shown below.

    Parameter Value
    Stack name MacieWorkshop-Env-Setup
    Email Address Any valid email address you have access to
  3. Once you have entered your parameters click Next.

  4. Click Next again. (leave everything on this page at the default).

  5. Finally, scroll down and check the box to acknowledge that the template will create IAM roles and click Create stack.

IAM Capabilities

This will bring you back to the CloudFormation console. You can refresh the page to see the stack starting to create. Before moving on, make sure the stack is in a CREATE_COMPLETE status as shown below.

Stack Complete

Do not forget to check your email!

You will get an email from SNS asking you to confirm the Subscription.

Confirm the subscription so you can receive email alerts from AWS services during the workshop. The email may take 2-3 minutes to arrive, check your spam/junk folder if it doesn’t arrive within that timeframe.